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Curriculum Vitae

born in 1982,
still lives and works! Vienna.
purely generalizing and meaningless in the end artificial spaces are infinitely moving space and the more discussed by massively manipulative perception in itself beside the point to the problems socially, rhetorically arrogant capacities of up monopolizing popular culture through the embossed in to resistance of the all-encompassing truth and looking metaphysical contexts projected into the room in order to show that not only the creative process, but also accompanying the order, in its explanation rigidly seated conceptions of contemporary and time-critical, apart translated with itself artistic work on a par with itself ad absurdum leading considerations postmodern philosophy at the time of the turn of the century comparative abmahnend flaunted.
The Nichtsartigkeit subcutaneous Frost effects associated with the altitude, away aspiring from the body roots of body hair, generating, the artist asks whether this text actually anyone still reads, or interest in the surrounding world already deprived of the commercial Homo Sapiens of artistic space has, the baser instincts yielded pulled into the void and disappear in the vastness of the cold, empty main universe into nothingness willing the existence of true destiny seems to be. A comedy to show a farce to life, and to all the more clearly does...


2018               Exhibition in the "Red Carpet Show Rooms" at Altes Landgut


2017               Exhibition in the "Red Carpet Show Rooms" at Karlsplatz


2017               Exhibition at "Zwischendecke", Kulturnetz Hernals, 1170 Wien

2016               Exhibition "Sleep paralysis", Ateliertheater Wien

2016               Presentation in the magazine "VORmagazin" in august

2016               Exhibition in the "Red Carpet Show Rooms" at Karlsplatz and Volkstheater

2016               Honorable mention prize "Red Carpet Art Award"

2015               Accessoire Funeraire, Red Carpet, Procession in 1010 Vienna, Künstlerhaus Vienna

2015               Rolling exhibition, 1010 Wien

2013               Group exhibition "Artefactory", Atelier Rennweg

2012               Group exhibition "Rostig Pink", Atelier Rennweg

since 2011       Ascession to studio community

2009               Dipmloma exhibition "Big Empty", Laufwerk

2008               Graphical and sculptural work for exhibitions, Rosenburg


2007               Graffiti-Project in public spaces in Cooperation with MA11

2000               Statue design for the "i-Finance AnalystAward 2000", Wirtschaftsblatt

1999               Graffiti workshops; Wiener Graffiti Union

Artistic education


Kunstschule Wien, Class for fine arts and process orientated art forms; Diploma

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